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Facebook finally concludes music licensing deal with Universal Music Group

The deal with Universal Music Group will see music commissioned in a multi-year deal on the social media platform. Music copyrights are a typical issue on Facebook since they’ve launched and designed up a video platform which currently gets hundreds-of-millions of views on a daily basis.

Rihanna's Cousin Tavon Alleyne Shot Dead in Barbados; Was Tavon a Gangsta ?

- St. Michaels, Barbados

International superstar Rihanna is now in mourning following the shooting death of her cousin Tavon

Veteran Journalist Ian Boyne Is Dead

- Kingston, Jamaica...., He died this morning after a brief period of illness.

Industry Shock; Dance-hall Veteran Ninja Man Sentenced to Life Imprisonment

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Veteran Dancehall deejay Ninjaman was a short while ago given a sentence within the Home Circuit Court for the March 2009 murder of Ricardo Johnson.

Five Jamaicans Make Billboard's Top Reggae Album List

Billboard has released its list of the year-end chart toppers and five Jamaicans album has made it into the top 15 reggae album of 2017.

Confirmed; Apple Music Has Bought Shazam

Apple have recently announced their acquisition of Shazam giving them full ownership of the popular music recognition app

Groove Music Stream Will Be Integrated With Spotify

Groove music will be shut down by the end of this month to integrate with Spotify

Alkaline "Helter Skelter" (Popcaan Diss) Lyrics & Song

Young Lord, Young Lord
Young Lord, Young Lord
Any moment now...
Any moment now

Unique, singular we're different
Put a big spliff inna mi hand, me deh inna mi element
Man nah laugh
Dem no know if me good or me cross
Make dem know a one young boss
Me no run inna people, me no bloodclaat Shaq

[Verse 1]
Make me tell you this
Might squeeze if unuh come any closer
Heart freeze, can't turn any colder
Deh inna the Giddeon a do me ting, a hold me composure
Nah go run, me know myself as a solider
Heckle deh pon mi shoulder
You're blind if you no see the take over
Check your eye dem, or go get a test over
Real to the game, anything me say a so, me no poser
Real foods me give mi dawgs, no lef' over
Helter Skelter dem a run up and down a look fi the shelter
When dem see the rifle shot dem a pelter
Do dem a favor
Can't believe this a your behavior
Help dem out, and dem take you fi a helper
Never get fi get weh you fi get inna your young stage
See say man a set …

Angela Lansbury; Actress Say's Women Should Also Be Blamed For Sexual Harassment Incidents

The Telegraph:-Women should settle for some blame for molestation and abuse because they “go out of their way to make themselves attractive” to men, Dame Angela Lansbury has said.

Vybz Kartel Christmas F*ck Song & Lyric

Vybz Kartel Christmas F*ck Lyrics

Si wah me a seh up to the time baby
Oh oh oh oooh

Na na naaa
Come beat my balls, little drummer girl
Aah rapa pam pam
tun round fi a Christmas f*ck
Gift come nuff gyal
C*ck up yuh batty cah yuh ting pump up (woii)
When me c*m pon yuh belly rub it on
It mek yuh belly glisten like (disco dust)
it's a Christmas f*ck
Gift come nuff gyal
C*ck up yuh batty cah yuh ting pump up (Woii)
When me come pon yuh belly rub it on
It mek yuh belly glisten like (.....)

Christmas a me c*m first
F*cka yuh, every man grab a gyal then bubble nuh
Bend over like she wa sweet juice
Baby yuh p*ssy tie like glue
Prolly get arrested yuh bad and bouj
Coming to yuh rescue me rescue yuh nude
Boxing day hold a box from me hood
Set yuh jaw good

Tun round fi a Christmas f*ck
Gift come nuff gyal
C*ck up yuh batty cah yuh ting pump up
When me c*m pon yuh belly rub it on
It mek yuh belly glisten like (.....)
Tun round fi a Christmas f*ck
Gift come nuff gyal
C*ck up yuh batty cah yuh ting pump up
When me come po…

Meek Mills To Remain In Prison; F.B.I Investigates Conduct of Presiding Judge Genece Brinkley


APhiladelphia judge says Meek Mill will stay in prison because he is a "danger to the community"

CIA; Retired Agent Bill Oxley Deathbed Confession...; "I Killed Bob Marley"

A 79-year-old retired officer of the Central intelligence agency, Bill Oxley, has released a series of stunning confessions since he was admitted to the Mercy Hospital in Maine on Monday and was told he has weeks to live. He claims he committed 17 assassinations for the American government between 1974 and 1985, including the music icon Robert Nesta Marley.

Vybz Kartel " Watch Over Us" ( Free Vybz Kartel )

  Tj records has released Vybz Kartel "Watch Over Us" Listen & Download Below

Official Lyric Video

Download Vybz Kartel "Watch Over Us" Promo

Another Hollywood Rape Victim ? Trace Lysette Said Jeffery Tambor Sexually Assaulted Her

The Hollywood Floodgates have opened, and only a handful are safe from drowning. within the latest, in an exceedingly long line of powerful men, Jeffrey Tambor is fielding allegations of sexually harassing his transparent co-workers. actress Trace Lysette is the second girl who has worked on the show to accuse Tambor of inappropriate behavior.

Walmart Food Items Contaminated; Grocery Pile Up Explained

Walmart grocery carts piled with ham, eggs, milk, and butter — a feast for a whole lot — sit clustered around a Walmart Dumpster in the sun. A bearded man in dark glasses explains that the food is all good, however, Walmart is throwing it out anyway.

Vybz Kartel - How ( Dunwell Records)

Listen To "How" Below

Vybz Kartel "How" Lyric Video

Dowload Vybz Kartel "How" Below

Listen What Vybz Kartel Had To Say To His Mother

Incarcerated dancehall superstar has released a potential hit track titled "Thank You Mama",  The Lyric for thank you mama will be available in the update.

Eminem Feat Beyonce "Walk on Water"

A few days ago, (Nov. 8) Eminem sent the internet into a frenzy with a controversial social media post on a "Revival" prescription note that read “Walk on Water. Take as needed.” Prescription note-styled advertisements have popped up across the United States over the past few weeks without much clarification from Em’s team.

Tommy Lee Sparta Hot; Movado & Alkaline Scared ?

Tommy Lee Sparta has the machines well "Greasy" to take down Movado, Vendetta, & Patriot (MVP)

Tommy Lee Sparta " Enemy" Officially Verified Lyrics


Evil time yah now, time fi people die yah now, 50 cal mek the eagle fly yah now, not a badness dawg face which time yah now,  weh dem ago wid fake gun from china now, face dig out like the place when a rice a plough, is a spartan crime yah now, what a suprise yah now, shouldn't open up yuh vagina mouth,

Tyrese Broke; Will Smith Donates (US) 5 Million Dollars

It pays to possess friends in high places.

And that is actually the case for Tyrese Gibson once he disclosed his virtuoso friend will Smith gave him a thumping $5 million to assist him fund his current judicial proceeding against his ex-wife.
The 38-year-old rapper and actor has been engaged in an exceedingly bitter court feud with ex-wife Norma Mitchell Gibson over their 10-year-old girl Shayla.

Meek Mills Sentenced, Up To 4 Years In Prison

Philadelphia reports that Meek Mill has been sentenced to 2 to four years in jail for a series of probation violations. The violations embody being remanded for assault for a fight following a St. Louis flight in March and for reckless endangerment for driving his motorbike in ny back in August. each of these charges have since been dropped.

Beyonce Joins The Lion King 2019 Casting

Beyonce simply cannot wait to be queen.

The Grammy-winning singer and "Dreamgirls" role player has been superimposed as Nala in Disney's forthcoming live-action remake of "The Lion King."

Alkaline - Suave Lyric & Lyric Video

Alkaline Lyric & Lyric Video
Oh lala A Young Lord Yow Jordan, Hizzle We tell them
[Pre Chorus] Not even death cyan stop me (immortal) Young, but me hard to the core(hardcore) Livin' mi life pon the road A make money and fuck a bag of whore
[Chorus] Suave suave just look how me suave(suave) Jump inna Gucci, jump inna Versace Have up a hundred grand now pon mi body Hundred round fi any man who waan take it from me Suave suave wha' make me so suave? Kill mi competition then me cut with the dawdi All of mi gyal dem a come out fi the party Mi see so much camel toe, feel like me deh Abu Dhabi Suave suave me out with mi army Just now the sky clear, look how the weather get stormy If me ever hurt you baby, me sorry Some a the times mi disappear, but I'll be back, so no worry Go through me rough times in all of mi glory Probably go heaven inna all of mi jewelry Suave suave we just a get started (oosh) Plan fi make nuff money stupid rich, retarded

[Verse 1] Mi smoke the weed lik…

Vybz Kartel Kremlin (Alkaline Diss) The Alien View

"How yuh mean mi nah voice fi russian, yow tarik yuh hear the pussy dem"

Stefflon Don "Hurting Me" Instrumental a Stolen One ?

Well alienation it's time for the space view investigation on the well played "Hurting Me" track by     Stefflon Don ft French Montana, a legal warfare is brewing as to where the originality of the   instrumental came from, Afro beat producer, manager and musician of Kobla Music Group Marc Eyram Agagah was notified by disgruntled fans that the new hot song on the scene had a familiar sound exactly to the composition of one the producer's popular beat the "Tsofi" riddim


The United States was the primary country that started to manufacture nuclear weapons, which was  facilitated by the UK, North American nation and Australia, and is the sole country that have used them in combat, with the separate bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in world war II. Before and through the conflict, it conducted cardinal amount of nuclear tests and tested several long-range nuclear weapons delivery systems.

Trumps Say's Hollywood Alleged Sexual Molester Harvey Weinstein is Wrong

President Trump say's filmmaker Harvey Weinstein should be held accountable over the various harassment allegations that he has long-faced over the years.

Hollywood Producer Expelled Over Sexual Allegations

The Academy of Motion footage Arts and Sciences (OSCAR) has determined to expel Harvey Weinstein when the producer was suspect of sexually assaulting and harassing a minimum of 3 dozen girls in extensively-reported articles that have appeared within the new york Times and also the New Yorker magazine over the past fortnight.

Pop Superstar Pink Is Now A Recommended Parent

Pink is out promoting her new album, "Beautiful Trauma", that was released on friday, with a very pleasant and headline-making press tour. It started back in August at the V.M.A.s, wherever she accepted a Video Vanguard award with an empowering speech directed to her girl. since recent she’s met up with Eminem, of all individuals, each calling out Trump and during a track on her new album. however whereas all that focus, and a few of it debatable, would possibly place another singer on the ropes, Pink is at a awfully complete different point in her career. The Grammy winner told The Guardian that, whereas currently folks love her as a task model for his or her daughters, she hasn’t invariably been seen as therefore family friendly.

Masicka Energy Free Mp3 Download

Wildddd life memba dat!!!! only the crocs will understand, anyways the genasyde boss Masicka has drop his hot new track and it's burning the airwaves like a high grade spliff a dah energy deh, it has gained 150k views in one day, the fans are loving it, the lyrical composition is on point listen to the song below, you could also purchase it on iTunes to support the artist or download a copy.

How Practising Music Improves Brain Power

I would contend that it would be akward to find someone who isn’t moved by a particular song or piece of music. Like storytelling, making music is a universal human trait, shared across all cultures for many thousands of years. It has a unique effect on the brain, inducing powerful emotional responses. Data from PLOS ONE confirms that music, if we put it into practice, actually rewires the circuitry of our brains.

Vybz Kartel - Sweetest Days Free Download

Lyrics: Every morning me wake up me give thanks to life still, you see me

Hmm-mmm, rise we a rise

Good morning, world

How you're doing today? I'm fine

Money mek we better off

But the worst thing is, to live and die and never love

Then blame it 'pon a cruel world, don't do it

Life come out a your pussy, girl

You d'even know you're powerful

You bring kings and queen, when you sidung 'pon me own

Star to everywhere nah Hollywood, our time now

These are the days

The sweetest days we'll know

Dancehall good to me never listen to what they say though

Jah know

Look 'pon the life me a live ya know

Lef' dem surprised and I wonder how

Me life a get sweeter than a Oreo

Me used to watch a movie, now me a star the show

People see the change dem start fi mek

See me never change for mek, aye

But just like just betting, set-up dem upset

And dem don't know the days dem

Like stays me mek stepping, in the street give we give CD

Me hook an' steal it, yes

Vybz Kartel is back in lockup after spending a week in the hospital.

Kartel was discharged and taken to the Tower Street Correctional Center with his medication.

During Vybz Kartel’s hospital stay, the dancehall deejay was able to reunite with his mother after some six years. Kartel’s parents visited him while he was admitted to the University Hospital of the West Indies.

Vybz Kartel who is currently serving a life sentence at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Center is awaiting an appeal trial, slated to begin in February next year, in the Court of Appeal.

Vybz Kartel "Don't Come Back" Mp3
Vybz Kartel has released a brand new track called "don't come back" on his official youtube channel, download a copy of the official audio here 

Post Malone - Rockstar Feat. 21 Savage Mp3 Download Official Audio


Cardi B Makes Billboard History

Her late-summer anthem, "Bodak Yellow," inundated the charts seemingly out of nowhere in recent weeks, making its way to No. 2 on the Billboard 100, where it looked like it might remain outdone by Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do."

Vybz Kartel - Mhm Hm Free Mp3 Download

Vybz Kartel Releases "Mhm Hm" Which in general means acknowledgement. In the song he talks about is love and lust for women, he also made reference to how he gets prepared for women before sex with a list of ingredients including but not limited to supligen , oats , peanut amongst others.

Vybz Kartel " Mhm Hm" Available on i-Tunes

Vybz Kartel "Mhm Hm" Free Download





Freaky Persons Bash Vanessa Bling (Gaza Slim) New Track "Bare Clown"

Controversial dance-hall star Vanessa Bling O/C Gaza Slim has release her hot new track called bare clown which refers to Jamaican men who engage in oral sex then scrutinize the act in public which would reinforce their gangsta image as such, in jamaica a gangsta persona is not perceived to go hand in hand with freaky activities, the song is receiving heavy rotation and outrage from females and male who think she should have just kept that to herself.  

Side Note: "Bare" in Jamaica means "Abundance"

Free Promo Download