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Vybz Kartel " Watch Over Us" ( Free Vybz Kartel )

  Tj records has released Vybz Kartel "Watch Over Us" Listen & Download Below

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Another Hollywood Rape Victim ? Trace Lysette Said Jeffery Tambor Sexually Assaulted Her

The Hollywood Floodgates have opened, and only a handful are safe from drowning. within the latest, in an exceedingly long line of powerful men, Jeffrey Tambor is fielding allegations of sexually harassing his transparent co-workers. actress Trace Lysette is the second girl who has worked on the show to accuse Tambor of inappropriate behavior.

Walmart Food Items Contaminated; Grocery Pile Up Explained

Walmart grocery carts piled with ham, eggs, milk, and butter — a feast for a whole lot — sit clustered around a Walmart Dumpster in the sun. A bearded man in dark glasses explains that the food is all good, however, Walmart is throwing it out anyway.

Vybz Kartel - How ( Dunwell Records)

Listen To "How" Below

Vybz Kartel "How" Lyric Video

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Listen What Vybz Kartel Had To Say To His Mother

Incarcerated dancehall superstar has released a potential hit track titled "Thank You Mama",  The Lyric for thank you mama will be available in the update.

Eminem Feat Beyonce "Walk on Water"

A few days ago, (Nov. 8) Eminem sent the internet into a frenzy with a controversial social media post on a "Revival" prescription note that read “Walk on Water. Take as needed.” Prescription note-styled advertisements have popped up across the United States over the past few weeks without much clarification from Em’s team.

Tommy Lee Sparta Hot; Movado & Alkaline Scared ?

Tommy Lee Sparta has the machines well "Greasy" to take down Movado, Vendetta, & Patriot (MVP)

Tommy Lee Sparta " Enemy" Officially Verified Lyrics


Evil time yah now, time fi people die yah now, 50 cal mek the eagle fly yah now, not a badness dawg face which time yah now,  weh dem ago wid fake gun from china now, face dig out like the place when a rice a plough, is a spartan crime yah now, what a suprise yah now, shouldn't open up yuh vagina mouth,

Tyrese Broke; Will Smith Donates (US) 5 Million Dollars

It pays to possess friends in high places.

And that is actually the case for Tyrese Gibson once he disclosed his virtuoso friend will Smith gave him a thumping $5 million to assist him fund his current judicial proceeding against his ex-wife.
The 38-year-old rapper and actor has been engaged in an exceedingly bitter court feud with ex-wife Norma Mitchell Gibson over their 10-year-old girl Shayla.

Meek Mills Sentenced, Up To 4 Years In Prison

Philadelphia reports that Meek Mill has been sentenced to 2 to four years in jail for a series of probation violations. The violations embody being remanded for assault for a fight following a St. Louis flight in March and for reckless endangerment for driving his motorbike in ny back in August. each of these charges have since been dropped.

Beyonce Joins The Lion King 2019 Casting

Beyonce simply cannot wait to be queen.

The Grammy-winning singer and "Dreamgirls" role player has been superimposed as Nala in Disney's forthcoming live-action remake of "The Lion King."

Alkaline - Suave Lyric & Lyric Video

Alkaline Lyric & Lyric Video
Oh lala A Young Lord Yow Jordan, Hizzle We tell them
[Pre Chorus] Not even death cyan stop me (immortal) Young, but me hard to the core(hardcore) Livin' mi life pon the road A make money and fuck a bag of whore
[Chorus] Suave suave just look how me suave(suave) Jump inna Gucci, jump inna Versace Have up a hundred grand now pon mi body Hundred round fi any man who waan take it from me Suave suave wha' make me so suave? Kill mi competition then me cut with the dawdi All of mi gyal dem a come out fi the party Mi see so much camel toe, feel like me deh Abu Dhabi Suave suave me out with mi army Just now the sky clear, look how the weather get stormy If me ever hurt you baby, me sorry Some a the times mi disappear, but I'll be back, so no worry Go through me rough times in all of mi glory Probably go heaven inna all of mi jewelry Suave suave we just a get started (oosh) Plan fi make nuff money stupid rich, retarded

[Verse 1] Mi smoke the weed lik…