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Who said Govana was flavourless? "Flavours" Lyrics and review

"I got the flavour gal them love me like the saviour bad gal wah nah no behaviour jus a whine a galang so" 
In this line Govana says him full a flavour which means he has all the skill needed for the girls, In Jamaica, the term is Gallis (a male who has all the girls), and the all-time favourite strata of females glorified by the local celebrities the "bad gyal" the girls that are preferably from the ghetto but not necessarily, as long as she knows how to get gangsta and dirty then she's a winner.

"I got the flavour gal skirt a lift up like a vapour 1 ever deh in a chamber when the strike team a roll out "

In this line Govana says the girls skirts are lifting up like a vapour, I think a better wordplay could have been used right there but if it makes sense then so be it... anyway Govi Govi is talking about taking off them panties so he can have your girl p*ssy doing the limbo LOL, in the next line he said "one ever in a the chamber" meaning his…

Reggae Megastar Buju Banton is Home

Reggae sensation Mark ‘Buju Banton’ Myrie  has arrived in Jamaica after disbursing eight years confined within the united states correctional system

Buju Banton, a Grammy award-winning entertainer, was convicted of drug trafficking on February 22, 2011, in Tampa, Florida, twelve days after the retrial of his case began.

He was discharged on Friday, a day sooner than scheduled from the McRae Correctional Facility in Georgia.

On his arrival at the Norman Manley International airport in Kingston, he was instantly taken to the police post at the facility and processed.

Buju Banton was dressed in a white sweatshirt and a pair of blue jeans

The arrival triggered chants and cheers from members of the general public who went to the airport to see their reggae superstar.

Govana - Hombre ( Lyrics & Song )

Govi, Govi (yo, yo) More money, more gun, more shot (bruk weh) Glock .35 with chrome top (bruk weh) Knock it till me see your eye roll back Messi with the bomma, him a clear every roadblock (bruk weh) A man murder unno friend and unno know that (bruk weh) Pussy, hold a unno know that (bruk weh) A me murder unno friend and unno know that Yo, weh unno feel like? Hey!
[Verse 1]
Jump out a the Bimmer with the .16, yeah Buss it inna face till the clip lean, yeah Pussyhole get him head fix in, yeah You think the MAC-11 fire whip cream? No bwoy no gi' me chat inna me system, yeah Splash out your brain 'pon the windscreen, yeah ATC hammer built in Rass! Wait till the base mix in No nasty badness, man haffi keep clean, yeah Forty me tuck inna me ripped jeans, yeah Bwoy get it and go drop out a Christine deh Christine send Miss Jean the pic, see him deh A bare gun man live a Big Tree, yeah Put a strap 'pon the 'K, make it swing freely, yeah Clip inna your mouth, mek your lip bleed 'way Black b…

Masicka - Gifted (Lyrics and Audio)

You know how it go right? (grateful and gifted) yeah, hundred percent you nuh

Weh you mean man a fuck up the scene yeah from me step on nah tackle the road without me weapon gyal a gi me the pussy so every second yeah, gi me second one a them fi buss a sweat pon yeah, up wid the green a that me deh pon hey mamma tattoo dah queen deh pon me left hand house pon the hill couple mil deh pon me left hand family first a that me deh pon

Tell you seh me grateful and gifted cups up spliff big she love fuck me addicted just a live life wasn't no rich kid, grateful and gifted cups up spliff big she love fuck me addicted just a live life wasn't no rich kid,

Hey, memba me tell you say we ago do it big genasyde man undefeated tek a fuck off a them gyal more while that a no me style a no you fi sleep wid, shame the pussy them that's what we did money me need fake love no needed bag a run in that we no deal wid friend you and kill you a so people wicked them…

Rygin King - Hush (Lyrics + Audio)

Rygin King Dedicates " Hush" to His Daughter

"Be careful" Lyrics By Intence Jettlife

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Jah Wariyah "Life's Journey" Highly Anticipated

"Dem a Pree, Me a Pree Too - Jah Wariyah" Jamaican singer, Sylvester Dwyer O/C Jah Wariyah is a humble, confident and aspiring singer from darlin street in Westmoreland. In late 2000 he relocated to Portmore, Saint Catherine... the hometown of Vybz Kartel where he could be closer to the actions of the music industry, it was there in a small housing scheme called Daytona where he met I-Octane, long before the reggae star had received his worldwide recognition. Wariyah’s magnificent talent as a singer and songwriter was well established amongst his peers and was a constant source of motivation for him to keep honing his craft, his first professional release was called “Crying For The Haitians” a tribute done for the victims of the massive 2010 earthquake that claimed the lives of over 230, 000 individuals and affected an overall amount of 3 million persons on the island, it was greatly received by music lovers worldwide and has had eager fans wanting more.

"Never Sell Out y…

Alkaline "Perfect" Official Lyrics Audio + Instrumental


Perfect, perfect, balance pon it, balance pon it, guh dung then yuh come up buss a bad dance pon it grab on pon it, balance pon it whoa...


she set good batty fat you get me hot when you a twerk it, twerk it, twerk it cock it up you no have nuttn a worry bout yuh body perfect, perfect, yuh perfect in a yuh ears and mi a tell yuh all the thing dem weh yuh wah hear, wah hear, yuh wah hear ask har if she wah fi fuck and she seh ah yeah, ah yeah


Come yah gyal and mek me live in a yuh hole like me a search it, search it, search it mi rate a gyal weh nuh fuck any man wah deh in a the circle, circuit, circuit in a yuh ears and mi a tell you all the thing dem wah yuh wah hear, wah hear, yuh wah hear ask har if she wah fi cut and she seh ah yeah, ah yeah, ah yeah.

[Verse 1]

She lively pon the buddy head bad in a any position me sail mi cocky up yuh wall and knock it like a collision gyal yuh full a sex appeal and it mek mi buddy stand body strong like yuh mother gi yuh ground…

Masicka Changes in Life (Lyric + Audio) Download


hey tj mi seh mi know weh mi a come from yeah, so mi know weh mi a go, yuh see the road weh mi a come from yeah, it nuh promise tommorrow, mi seh mi know weh mi a come from yeah (changes, changes) hey.


Man a talk bout changes in life jump pon a plane if mi like mummy nah complain she alright, changes in life no more pain in her eyes pocket full a dead face we a rise, mi want unuh tell mi the price man a talk bout changes to life.

[Verse 1]

Use to hitch up a the studio everyday a wait man a finger play the nine when them a player hate yow
mi dreams them too big man affi stay awake loyalty to the thing bredda mi slay a snake pow, gi yuh me last, share a plate man a hero in a mi place and me nah wear nuh cape the gyal mi fuck might nuh real the chain mi wear nuh fake try fi hide mi glory gwaan like me name nuh great them seh mi nah guh mek it play the bait new general deh yah pussy yow clear the gate the bimma that pull up a dem lady gate top dollars me get dem bwoy deh…

Tommy lee sparta "Dismiss" Jahmeil (Diss Track) Lyrics + Audio

yo send you to the morgue hmm, me will send you to the morgue, send you to the morgue, to the morgue, morgue

[verse 1]

you feel a chatting alone all a the dawg dem locking a chrome so you ago cut me throat you touch the road a body that in a hole copper mek you [cough] catching a cold mi wah mek a statement gi mi yuh hand mi send it back wid a note funeral day da traffic yah slow suh me a medz pon the crime comin like eh me watching a show pull up pon the lef di strappings a roar mi clapping a 4 pon the six man weh have the coffin a hold 


Send dah message yah keep the street cred wi nuh beat bwoy a beat wi beat lead duh nuh mek me pree yuh people will dead and if yuh diss me in a the past me seek fi revenge and it nuh over til me seh it over (no sah) pull up pon the block i'm in the rover hold on pon the glock gimmi a chaueffeur see yuh through the scoper shoot yuh and you gal wah gi yuh blowjob


War,anyweh mi see yuh likkle bwoy me dismiss yuh 
War,a bet mi mek di spartan…

Konshens Featuring Satori "Days Of My Life" Audio + Lyrics (It Feels Good) Album


Two hours later I've been lying on the glossy floor, glossy floor

Talk to myself and forgot, how there’s nothing left for me no more…

Left foot, foot by, one step , next day I’ll be alright one day in front of the other

They tell me say I’ll be fine, but I’m so...


I’m so down, down, I've been so down down and

You’re not around, you're not around

I’m so down, down, someone stop me, so down, down yeah

I’m not around not around no more... I'm so down, down, down, I'm so down, down, down

[Verse 1]

Mi wake up before the sun, couldn’t tell you when mi drop a sleep

Lean up mi bed right ya now the ting stop a street

People say that i need to slow down, but mi gas pedal stuck

An the brakes cable cut so mi crush de road, road buck Wen mi touch the road

Tink bout mi pickney dem money mi need a truck load

Everybody eyes green like dem have in contacts

So mi affi go fi mine, action stop chat

One pop never that automatic beating

Talk to God so much

I’m like a walking prayer meeting


Konshens X Savagesavo "Island Glue" Official Remix


[Konshens] yeah, a this name dancehall [Savage] gyal gyal [Konshens] a this, [Savage] a savage [Konshens] a konshens [Savage] wah dat again [Konshens] yeah yeah from me you i know [Savage] fi the gyal dem [Konshens] we gonna fuck tonight [Savage] affi wuk, affi wuk, affi wuk, gyal, gyal, gyal

[Verse 1]

Yuh come in a you gi weh the pussy outfit yuh plan up fi dah fuck don't it love how yuh body cock up and the way you bounce it like a jockey pon dah cocky yah you fi go come sit gyal yuh body tun up like a distortion and me love the way you back it up without nuh caution dancehall buss in you mek yuh wah man so me tell the selector fi run the raw one 


long time you got you eyes on me long time me have me eye pon you see seh you is a wild one too exotic gyal you got the island glue from me see you i know...done know we gonna fuck tonight and i'm so glad fi dat mek yuh panty drop,drop,drop from me see you i done know [Savage] affi wuk, affi wuk we gonna fuck …

Chris Brown X Joyner Lucas (Lyric & Mp3)

Stranger Things Lyrics

[Verse 1: Chris Brown] Bottles and a bucket full of ice (yeah) Better make room, vroom hear the Lambo (celebrate) Bitch better believe that I'ma sniper (yeah) You know I'm 'bout to take you from your man though (celebrate) Pop up with the chopper at artificial niggas actin' like bitches, it done started up a epidemic It don't make a difference, nigga, we winnin', I'm plenty grinnin' A hundred million platinum, fuck it, you ain't gotta listen (celebrate) You better step down to me, feel the dick, bitch, open up your mouth for me Now choke, talk to the dick honestly I'm dope, bitch, comin' like Eenie Meenie Miney Mo (celebrate) I don't like when I lose (I don't) if I don't buy her them shoes, I don't like those (regulate) Do anything that I want to it, think I'm gon' dance on the moon like Michael (elevate)
[Verse 2: Joyner Lucas & Chris Brown] While I'm drivin', I'm moonwalking in the sky With so…

Vybz kartel bagga lies (Pretty Little House) New Song

Vybz kartel hot new track called "Bagga Lies (Pretty little house)" is making rounds on the internet after being released in just 24hrs, download it below:

Vybz Kartel "Bagga Lies" Lyric Video

Masicka - Dem Nuh Happy Fi We (Free Mp3 Download & Lyrics)

Masicka "Dem Nuh Happy Fi We" Lyrics

Good Good Productions Watch dem a act fi a thing Watch who nah clap when you win Stay wide wid yuh fake smile Grave dem waan see we in P*ssy dem nuh happy fi we (no happy) Is like the pussy dem no happy fi we (yea) Ghetto yute dem no happy fi we (no happy) Is like the pussy dem no happy fi we (yea)
P*ssy dem nuh happy fi we Them nuh want fi see we make it But we stocking the G’s Have dem gyal inna we ride A broke the c*cky fi free One bag a fake smile But mi watching the pree Hey [?] The p*ssy dem nuh happy fi we Make sure you madda a’right That is a dream Life sweet when you mek it An mi affi agree Gwaan hussle, gwaan hussle Dem nuh happy fi we (happy fi we)
Masicka " Dem Nuh Happy Fi We" Official Audio

(Verse 1)
Weh we come from is like hell inna yuh You caan walk inna mi shoes All if me sell you mi shoes Make sure dem hear you voice Doan make dem tell you fi mute All when you rise jus watch you head Dem a get ready …

Masicka - Victory (Official Lyrics)


Them wah wi fall..(wi fall) them wah wi dead...(dead) blessings a fall like rain instead, whole heap a fight, whole heap a fight hey troyton whole heap a days whole heap a night yeah the fight long a me badmind have them eye pon me eye pon the prize a next icon pussy dem.


friendship them a sell and me nuh buy none so them run go tell the feds them say me buy gun me hold it out and hold the faith until me time come and now me time come some pussy wah me lie down a anything a anything cause me nuh like run me pocket full a green god the bimma drive down and every gyal run come open yuh eye son nuff a them nuh real nuff a them a poison me fuck she, me fuck she and still nuh wife none a we fight the fight tell mike tyson you know how much a mi bredda deh a horizon a the norm roun yah so fi wi die young.


Them nuh like the sound a victory them nuh like see when mother proud a pickney again Them nuh like the sound a victory them nuh like see when mother proud a pickney a…