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Chris Brown X Joyner Lucas (Lyric & Mp3)

Stranger Things Lyrics

[Verse 1: Chris Brown] Bottles and a bucket full of ice (yeah) Better make room, vroom hear the Lambo (celebrate) Bitch better believe that I'ma sniper (yeah) You know I'm 'bout to take you from your man though (celebrate) Pop up with the chopper at artificial niggas actin' like bitches, it done started up a epidemic It don't make a difference, nigga, we winnin', I'm plenty grinnin' A hundred million platinum, fuck it, you ain't gotta listen (celebrate) You better step down to me, feel the dick, bitch, open up your mouth for me Now choke, talk to the dick honestly I'm dope, bitch, comin' like Eenie Meenie Miney Mo (celebrate) I don't like when I lose (I don't) if I don't buy her them shoes, I don't like those (regulate) Do anything that I want to it, think I'm gon' dance on the moon like Michael (elevate)
[Verse 2: Joyner Lucas & Chris Brown] While I'm drivin', I'm moonwalking in the sky With so…

Vybz kartel bagga lies (Pretty Little House) New Song

Vybz kartel hot new track called "Bagga Lies (Pretty little house)" is making rounds on the internet after being released in just 24hrs, download it below:

Vybz Kartel "Bagga Lies" Lyric Video

Masicka - Dem Nuh Happy Fi We (Free Mp3 Download & Lyrics)

Masicka "Dem Nuh Happy Fi We" Lyrics

Good Good Productions Watch dem a act fi a thing Watch who nah clap when you win Stay wide wid yuh fake smile Grave dem waan see we in P*ssy dem nuh happy fi we (no happy) Is like the pussy dem no happy fi we (yea) Ghetto yute dem no happy fi we (no happy) Is like the pussy dem no happy fi we (yea)
P*ssy dem nuh happy fi we Them nuh want fi see we make it But we stocking the G’s Have dem gyal inna we ride A broke the c*cky fi free One bag a fake smile But mi watching the pree Hey [?] The p*ssy dem nuh happy fi we Make sure you madda a’right That is a dream Life sweet when you mek it An mi affi agree Gwaan hussle, gwaan hussle Dem nuh happy fi we (happy fi we)
Masicka " Dem Nuh Happy Fi We" Official Audio

(Verse 1)
Weh we come from is like hell inna yuh You caan walk inna mi shoes All if me sell you mi shoes Make sure dem hear you voice Doan make dem tell you fi mute All when you rise jus watch you head Dem a get ready …

Masicka - Victory (Official Lyrics)


Them wah wi fall..(wi fall) them wah wi dead...(dead) blessings a fall like rain instead, whole heap a fight, whole heap a fight hey troyton whole heap a days whole heap a night yeah the fight long a me badmind have them eye pon me eye pon the prize a next icon pussy dem.


friendship them a sell and me nuh buy none so them run go tell the feds them say me buy gun me hold it out and hold the faith until me time come and now me time come some pussy wah me lie down a anything a anything cause me nuh like run me pocket full a green god the bimma drive down and every gyal run come open yuh eye son nuff a them nuh real nuff a them a poison me fuck she, me fuck she and still nuh wife none a we fight the fight tell mike tyson you know how much a mi bredda deh a horizon a the norm roun yah so fi wi die young.


Them nuh like the sound a victory them nuh like see when mother proud a pickney again Them nuh like the sound a victory them nuh like see when mother proud a pickney a…

Janet Jackson snubbed by Justin Timberlake

KINGSTON (beastbloggerz)- Justin Timberlake caused a national controversy when he performed the Super Bowl halftime show with Janet Jackson in 2004, and the pop singer said on Thursday not to expect his partner in crime to ap this time around.