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Jah Wariyah "Life's Journey" Highly Anticipated

"Dem a Pree, Me a Pree Too - Jah Wariyah" Jamaican singer, Sylvester Dwyer O/C Jah Wariyah is a humble, confident and aspiring singer from darlin street in Westmoreland. In late 2000 he relocated to Portmore, Saint Catherine... the hometown of Vybz Kartel where he could be closer to the actions of the music industry, it was there in a small housing scheme called Daytona where he met I-Octane, long before the reggae star had received his worldwide recognition. Wariyah’s magnificent talent as a singer and songwriter was well established amongst his peers and was a constant source of motivation for him to keep honing his craft, his first professional release was called “Crying For The Haitians” a tribute done for the victims of the massive 2010 earthquake that claimed the lives of over 230, 000 individuals and affected an overall amount of 3 million persons on the island, it was greatly received by music lovers worldwide and has had eager fans wanting more.

"Never Sell Out y…

Alkaline "Perfect" Official Lyrics Audio + Instrumental


Perfect, perfect, balance pon it, balance pon it, guh dung then yuh come up buss a bad dance pon it grab on pon it, balance pon it whoa...


she set good batty fat you get me hot when you a twerk it, twerk it, twerk it cock it up you no have nuttn a worry bout yuh body perfect, perfect, yuh perfect in a yuh ears and mi a tell yuh all the thing dem weh yuh wah hear, wah hear, yuh wah hear ask har if she wah fi fuck and she seh ah yeah, ah yeah


Come yah gyal and mek me live in a yuh hole like me a search it, search it, search it mi rate a gyal weh nuh fuck any man wah deh in a the circle, circuit, circuit in a yuh ears and mi a tell you all the thing dem wah yuh wah hear, wah hear, yuh wah hear ask har if she wah fi cut and she seh ah yeah, ah yeah, ah yeah.

[Verse 1]

She lively pon the buddy head bad in a any position me sail mi cocky up yuh wall and knock it like a collision gyal yuh full a sex appeal and it mek mi buddy stand body strong like yuh mother gi yuh ground…