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Who said Govana was flavourless? "Flavours" Lyrics and review

"I got the flavour gal them love me like the saviour bad gal wah nah no behaviour jus a whine a galang so" 
In this line Govana says him full a flavour which means he has all the skill needed for the girls, In Jamaica, the term is Gallis (a male who has all the girls), and the all-time favourite strata of females glorified by the local celebrities the "bad gyal" the girls that are preferably from the ghetto but not necessarily, as long as she knows how to get gangsta and dirty then she's a winner.

"I got the flavour gal skirt a lift up like a vapour 1 ever deh in a chamber when the strike team a roll out "

In this line Govana says the girls skirts are lifting up like a vapour, I think a better wordplay could have been used right there but if it makes sense then so be it... anyway Govi Govi is talking about taking off them panties so he can have your girl p*ssy doing the limbo LOL, in the next line he said "one ever in a the chamber" meaning his…

Reggae Megastar Buju Banton is Home

Reggae sensation Mark ‘Buju Banton’ Myrie  has arrived in Jamaica after disbursing eight years confined within the united states correctional system

Buju Banton, a Grammy award-winning entertainer, was convicted of drug trafficking on February 22, 2011, in Tampa, Florida, twelve days after the retrial of his case began.

He was discharged on Friday, a day sooner than scheduled from the McRae Correctional Facility in Georgia.

On his arrival at the Norman Manley International airport in Kingston, he was instantly taken to the police post at the facility and processed.

Buju Banton was dressed in a white sweatshirt and a pair of blue jeans

The arrival triggered chants and cheers from members of the general public who went to the airport to see their reggae superstar.

Govana - Hombre ( Lyrics & Song )

Govi, Govi (yo, yo) More money, more gun, more shot (bruk weh) Glock .35 with chrome top (bruk weh) Knock it till me see your eye roll back Messi with the bomma, him a clear every roadblock (bruk weh) A man murder unno friend and unno know that (bruk weh) Pussy, hold a unno know that (bruk weh) A me murder unno friend and unno know that Yo, weh unno feel like? Hey!
[Verse 1]
Jump out a the Bimmer with the .16, yeah Buss it inna face till the clip lean, yeah Pussyhole get him head fix in, yeah You think the MAC-11 fire whip cream? No bwoy no gi' me chat inna me system, yeah Splash out your brain 'pon the windscreen, yeah ATC hammer built in Rass! Wait till the base mix in No nasty badness, man haffi keep clean, yeah Forty me tuck inna me ripped jeans, yeah Bwoy get it and go drop out a Christine deh Christine send Miss Jean the pic, see him deh A bare gun man live a Big Tree, yeah Put a strap 'pon the 'K, make it swing freely, yeah Clip inna your mouth, mek your lip bleed 'way Black b…